During art school and for many years after, I lived and worked on the Sausalito waterfront. It was a unique, wild and exciting place to be in the 60’s 70’s and 1980’s. In order to earn a living as an artist on the Sausalito waterfront, I worked on restoring two vintage boats over several years. One was the “Pirate” a 1910 85 ft. tugboat that was converted to a houseboat while Sterling Hayden wrote his historical novel “Voyage” there. The other was a five year project renovating and preparing a 1910 106 ft. danish sailing cargo ship the “Lene Marie” for a circumnavigation. I was the Captain of this sailing craft for many years and earned a U.S. coast guard captain’s license for 100 ton vessel sail or power. When the restoration was complete and she was sea ready (after many trials from Mexico to Canada) I declined to go as Captain as that was not my path. I returned to doing artwork full time in my Sausalito and industrial center building studio.