Queen’s Ascent

Queen’s Ascent
30” x 22”
Graphite on Arches Watercolor Paper
Available in carbon ink prints

Queen’s Ascent

My initial vision was to do a series of contemporary botanicals. They would all be drawn with graphite on fine paper.

The Queen’s Ascent was the first in the series. This piece was conceived as a companion piece to the King’s Passion.

The series was inspired by the beauty and originality of the forms and shapes in nature. Each piece was intended to have a garden environment featuring a particular flower and a unique character inhabiting the garden.

The environment for the Queen’s Ascent is the Papaver Somniferum, also known as the Opium Poppy. We have always had beautiful gardens in our homes. Each flower in
this series is drawn from my garden. In this instance each seed was planted and as they grew I documented the growth cycle in my sketchbook. You can see in this piece the poppy from bud to full bloom to seed pods with harvesting slits.

As for the Queen herself, I was inspired by the many shapes and details of the world of insects. I arranged these using real and imagined references to showcase her ascension from the garden.