Pirate Vision II

Pirate Vision II
30” x 22”
Graphite on Arches Watercolor Paper
Available in carbon ink prints

Pirate Vision II

A Pirate would fly a flag to lure unsuspecting victims within striking distance.

I chose a carnivorous plant, the Nepenthe, to represent my pirate flag. The Nepenthe is also known as the Pitcher plant. It attracts its prey with sticky, sweet pheromones.

Being fond of botanicals I also selected the Cat Tails which are used as an offering to appease the water serpents and are a protective charm against lightning, also a ship’s enemy. The Pirate wears these as an attractive and protective flora Crown. The Crown symbolizes his reign over the Seas.

Look closely and you will see the Serpents, Dolphins and a crab scuttling up the Pirate’s face. The fantasy of a Pirate’s life has always been appealing to a Sailor and I for one will admit this. You can see the sun setting in his eyes and a handsome, well groomed beard on his chin.