Aquarium of Marvels

Aquarium of Marvels
46.5” x 26”
Graphite on Arches Watercolor Paper
Available in carbon ink prints

Aquarium of Marvels

I have an affinity for Antique Aquariums.

The imagery has been forming in my imagination for years and here is what I see. I imagine it made of copper sitting on a cloth draped table.The frame and base of the aquarium are decorated with organic designs of octopus tentacles, beetles and inlaid rope.

After it was built I put up the vacancy sign and these guests showed up for residency…a mermaid and her undersea creatures. Making it a true Aquarium of marvels.

The Sea Fan forest has grown beyond the top of the aquarium leading one’s visual path to the monkey character perched at the lid, studying his Hamlet like thoughts.